Text Box: Above:  LED emitter arrays ready for de-fluxing                                                                            
Picture of #TACLU-630W-90B in operation.Text Box: #TACLU-630W-90B
TACLU Mobile Tactical Illumination

Pcture of LED light fixture showing all aluminum construction.Text Box: Above :  Lamp array assembly
Picture of finished LED Fixtures Model #TACLU-630W-90B before testing.Text Box: Above:  Finished light units before testing
Text Box: Avatar Design Services
We are equipped to provide you with help to complete and market your product or invention. We will work with you to complete any or all of the design, fabrication and prototyping to the level you require. We do not require down payments to get started. 
Use the Email link to contact us at: Email: info@avatarresearch.com 
Text Box: 	We offer prototyping and development services that include electronic design and graphic arts.  
We also do contract assembly, building and modification of electronic assemblies.  Send us your requirements and let us create a solution that puts your project where you want it.  
	We offer complete screen printing and CAD development services. We are proud of products we developed in conjunction with project contractors to facilitate the army’s modernization of command and control systems. 
ABS hand held remote cabinet being cut for controls on a CNC.Text Box: Above: CNC and Sport Analyst 232 cabinet
Picture of LED Light fixtures showing end filter and power switch.Text Box: Above: TACLU finished units, air filter assy. Hanger/ strap, power switch and cable  Rubber end caps 
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Avatar Custom Electronics

Control console for 4 local operators and up to 3 tactical inputs. Operators have intercom between each other and selection of any of the three inputs. Outputs are provided for local AV display system and for powered audio monitor speakers.Text Box: Above: Radio Communications projects developed for military applications.
Walkway light for indoors or outdoors.Text Box: Above:  Walkway illuminator and mount
Below: Utility Audio System speakers
UAS10 speakersPicture of assembled LED lamp strips before defluxing.Beam Breaker time trap system.Text Box: Above:  Beam Breaker race time trap.
TB-70 Timer.Text Box: Above: The DRILLClock TB-70 Avatar logoAVA-3041-SYS Sports Analyst Text Box: Below: Lead1 guitar amplifier
Text Box: Custom Services
Text Box: Custom Panel, Cabinet And Electronics Fabrication

PHONE:  866-467-9313

Radio Monitor SystemText Box: Above and right:  Remote Radio Operator System 
Tactical Command and Control for military operations
Radio System

Avatar Custom Electronics